Necromancers are magic users who specialize in summoning undead creatures and casting deadly maledictions. They wield a staff and some use poison-tipped daggers. With their army of undeads they are a force not to be trifled with, although alone they are weaker and less healthy than all other classes. Living pets from shops will not follow Necromancers, but all summoned familiars will follow their Necromancer master and arrive undead into the world. The sanctuary and holy symbol spells has no effect on Necromancers. The main stat of the Necromancer is constitution. Necromancers are immune to disease and poison. Eating corpses recovers a Necromancer's health; the corpse does not need to be picked up in order to be eaten. Main stat: Constitution. Subclasses: BoneCollector, Voodooist, Diabolist.