Erion's admins are known as Immortals or Gods on Erion. To contact them, please write a note in game on the Personal board or send an email to: [email protected]

Aelyn, Goddess of Beasts and Nature

Aelyn is the creator and coder of Erion. She also enjoys building, implementing player ideas, and improving the performance of the game's code.

Cortheus, God of Wisdom

Cortheus is a good natured fellow who knows a lot about roleplay, and contributes to the game by running weekly Hint and Hunt events.

Darkbuilder, God of Storytelling

Darkbuilder is a fantastic writer and storyteller, bringing new areas, missions, and lore to Erion.

Kextra, Goddess of Crafting and Creation

Kextra is the Head Builder of Erion, spinning new areas into existence for all to explore and enjoy.

Lucius, God of Adventure and Survival

Lucius helps code various game features and continues to improve game balance.


Ouranos is Erion's security guard. He assists with all things server security and enforces our botting rules.