Erion Game Guide

Picking a Race

  • Training Costs: Sort race training costs from lowest to highest.
  • Stats: Sort race stats from highest to lowest.

Tips from Erion's Players

Basic Commands

  • Who: Viewing who is currently playing.
  • Whois: Viewing details of a particular player.
  • Score: Viewing your character information.
  • Look: Examining your surroundings.
  • Affects: Seeing what skills and spells you are affected by.
  • Help: Getting help on a game topic.
  • Quit: Logging out of the game.

Character Development

  • Practices: Practicing your skills and spells.
  • Trains: Increasing your character's stats.
  • Teach: Teaching other players skills and spells.
  • Learn: Practicing your skills and spells from another player.
  • Experience: Earning experience and gaining levels.
  • Dual Classing: Adding a second class to your character.
  • Faux: Gaining faux levels once you've reached Hero or Legend.
  • Legend: Learning about the max mortal level.
  • Restart: Starting over without having to delete.

Getting Around

  • Movement: Moving from room to room.
  • Runto: Getting to a different area.
  • Exits: Learning about obvious and hidden exits.
  • Scan: Seeing monsters and objects surrounding your room.
  • Portals: Interaction with portals.
  • Recall: Quick travel to the heart of Erion.
  • Areas: Getting a list of areas and their level ranges.
  • Where: Finding the location of players and mobiles in the area.
  • Explored: Seeing how much of Erion you have explored.

Combat and Grouping

  • Battlespam: Use the battlespam command to reduce spam in combat.
  • Grouping: Forming a party to increase experience gains.
  • Follow: Following a player around the game.
  • Kill: Engaging monsters in combat.
  • Flee: Ending combat early to save your life.
  • Tanking: Allowing your pet to take some hits for you in combat.
  • Death: What happens if you are killed in combat.
  • Consider: Finding out the difficulty of a monster.
  • Wimpy: Automatically fleeing from combat when low health.
  • Cast: Casting spells.
  • Pets: Learning about familiars.

Configuration Commands

  • Toggle: Turning on and off various configuration toggles.
  • Config: Customizing colors and brightness for various things.
  • Alias: Creating shortcuts for commands.
  • Prompt: Customizing your prompt.

Character Customization

  • Description: Giving your character a description.
  • Walkin: Customizing your walkin and walkout messages.
  • Worldin: Customizing your worldin and worldout messages.
  • Whostring: Giving your character a who string.
  • Title: Giving your character a title.
  • Ictitle: Giving your character a custom long description.
  • Fakeaura: Giving your character a custom fake aura.
  • Setvictory: Customize your victory dance.
  • Battlecry: Customize the message others see when you auto assist them.


  • Channels: Using channels to communicate with others.
  • Socials: Performing an action in a room or on a channel.
  • Tells: Communicating privately with other players.
  • Notes: Writing in-game mail to all or specific recipients.


  • Questing: Solo quests to kill a monster or find an object.
  • Expeditions: Solo quests to kill monsters.
  • Gquest: Competitive questing to kill monsters.
  • Missions: Information about custom-made quests.
  • Events: Information on automated weekly events.

Objects and Equipment

  • Database: Using the database to find equipment level 50 and below.
  • Get: Picking up items off the ground.
  • Keep: Setting the 'keep' flag on items.
  • Runes: Using runes to modify your equipment.
  • Lockers: Storing items in a locker.
  • Put: Putting items inside bags.
  • Lock/Unlock: Locking or unlocking containers and doors.
  • Open/Close: Opening or closing containers and doors.
  • Equipment: Viewing your equipment and inventory.
  • Lore: Viewing an item's stats and attributes.
  • Appraise: Learning about an item or pet in a shop.
  • Compare: Comparing the stats and attributes of two items.
  • Buy: Buying items or pets from a shop.
  • Drop: Removing items from your inventory.
  • Eat/Drink: Information on eating and drinking.
  • Sell: Selling items to a shopkeeper.
  • Give: Giving items, gold, questpoints, and mudpies.
  • Wear: Equipping your character with items, armor, and weapons.
  • Quaff: Drinking magical potions.
  • Bags: Storing items inside containers.