Equipment Tips

Find armor for your level with stats that complement your class (Mage-Intelligence, Warrior-Strength, etc.) and has decent armor ratings as you'll need it especially as you get into the higher levels when monsters are stronger. The database commandis useful for finding gear for levels 50 and below.

Use the addflag command to add or remove weapon flags to and from weapons. The vampiric flag is very useful as it draws life from your target and heals you.

Mudpies are a currency like questpoints that can be exchanged for various helpful things such as:

  • adding burnproof, coldproof, acidproof, shockproof to your items
  • increasing your armor class
  • adding a heal_level flag to an item

There is a shop in the Monster Colosseum that sells runes, special equipment, and mudpies in exchange for. The best Champion Belt and Monster Claw plus the experience runes are good if you want to speed up leveling a bit.