Fishing Guide

What is fishing all about?

    Try your hand at fishing, either for food or for sport! Seek out the cook in the House of Lucius to acquire the fishing skill. Once you're ready for more, participate in one of our fishing events: First Catch, or Speed Fishing!

    A common fishing town is Anglers Cove! Located slightly west of HoneyBee Village directly along the coast, the people of Anglers Cove regard their eastern neighbours as lazy, and somewhat naive, while in turn the residents of HoneyBee Village see Anglers Cove as strange and uncultured.

    Populated primarily by hardworking fisherfolk, most residents spend their days hauling nets or building boats, sending cart loads of fish along the northward lane to trade at the close by Merchants' Marketplace. Boasting a famously rowdy tavern, and a slightly more upmarket inn and eatery, visitors to Angler's Cove are always welcome, especially anyone with an interest in fishing.

    Indeed, a common joke in HoneyBee Village is that if something sounds fishy, it must come from Anglers Cove.

  • Fishing Missions: Repeatable missions and where to find them.