There are two sorting options:

  • Training Costs: Sort race training costs from lowest to highest.
  • Stats: Sort race stats from highest to lowest.

There are 17 starting races:

  • Dwarf: Short and tough. Ferocious fighters.
  • Elf: Agile, superb magical abilities.
  • Feline: Deft and clever. Talented with magic.
  • Fishman: Humanoid. Gills, webbed hands, and feet.
  • Giant: Oversized humans. Extraordinary strength.
  • Gnome: Curious tinkerers. Deficits in strength.
  • Hatchling: Brute strength and highly clever.
  • Horse: More than your average beast of burden.
  • Human: The standard race.
  • Illithid: Mysterious. Incredible mental powers.
  • Kitsune: Fox-like, light-footed, and swift.
  • Pixie: Small, mischievous, smart, and quick.
  • Shade: Creatures whose power grows at night.
  • Spark: Swirling mass of elemental energy.
  • Troll: Clumsy and ugly. Muscles like steel.
  • Webling: Subterranean, eight-legged arachnid.
  • Vampire: Powerful creatures of the night.
  • Zoog: Small, nimble, intelligent rodents.