Crafting Guide

What is Crafting?

    The Crafting System allows one to collect raw materials such as ores, wood, or wool, and work them into new items such as weapons and armor, arrows, lights, bedrolls, yurts, etc. The crafting skill can be unlocked at any level in the mountain of Crafters Forge by completing a variety of prerequisite missions. Crafting activities reward experience, offering an alternative route to leveling up aside from the traditional hack-n-slash.

  • How to unlock crafting: Entering the mountain, skills and missions required.
  • Gems and where to find them: Types of gems and room sectors.
  • Crafting events: Crafters Craze and Craftscape.
  • Crafters Trading Post: How to exchange raw materials.
  • Gardening: Magical seeds and grimoires.
  • Crafting Missions: Repeatable missions and where to find them.