Alchemy Guide

What is Alchemy?

    Potion brewing is a class independent skill that anyone can learn. Potion brewers are natural explorers whose task it is to memorize the land and discover its properties, in the process unearthing the ingredients to new or known recipes. Alchemy, like other skills, needs to be practiced in order to improve it. Every occupation has its hazards, and brewing potions can be a tricky business. At times a batch may fail, causing the vials and their contents to explode, though even an attempt that has gone awry will reward experience! Seek out Jelcko, in the Alchemy Academy, who will impart the secrets of potion brewing in exchange for a gold donation to the House of Alchemists.

  • Potion ingredients and where to find them: Types of ingredients and room sectors.
  • Alchemy Missions: Repeatable missions and where to find them.