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Pumpkin Hunt & Kill

In the days leading up to Halloween, Erion is populated with gigantic
evil pumpkins. Each time a pumpkin is killed, a new one appears in a random
location. Pumpkin kill counts are recorded and at the end of the event,
participants are rewarded with questpoints, gold, mudpies, and master runes!

Each kill is worth around 10‑15 questpoints and 40 gold. A mudpie will be
rewarded for every 100 kills, and a single master rune that clears 3 slots
will be rewarded if you have killed at least 100 pumpkins. The player(s)
with the top kill count will receive a master rune that clears 2 slots.

The results of the event will be posted on the Events note board outlining
kill counts and the total number of rewards doled out!

This event saves through game reboots and copyovers.