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Treasure Hunt (Easy)

For the Treasure Hunt (Easy) event, you must acquire a map at recall from
the treasure chest by typing 'map'. Looking at the map will give you a list
of all 100 randomly scattered treasures, which rooms they are in, and the
area name. It is possible that a monster can pick up the treasure; in this
case, it will display which monster who is carrying the treasure, the room
it is in, and the area. When a player picks up a treasure, the map's list
is automatically updated and you will see which item has been found and who
is carrying it. To win first place, you must find 20 treasures. For second
place, 10 are required, and third place requires 5. There can be multiple
winners for first, second, and third place. However, the restring token
will only be rewarded for first place if there is a single first place
winner. If you do not place, you will receive a questpoint reward in the
amount of 10*the number of treasures you found.

First Place: Questpoints (number of treasures found*15), a restring token, a
multiexp potion

Second Place: Questpoints (number of treasures found*10), a holy symbol

Third Place: Questpoints (number of treasures found*5), a holy symbol

If all 100 treasures are found, everyone online will receive an IMM spellup.

There is a hard version of this event in which only the room or mob name is
given, but not the area name. Check out the event list for these events to
read details.

If you log off during the event, you will still be rewarded for any
treasures you found during the event and you will receive a note about what
your rewards were.

Event results are announced on the Mudevent channel.

This event saves through game reboots.