Aelyn, Goddess of Nature, Growth, Beasts, Preservation

  • Called by some the preserver, the goddess Aelyn is one of the oldest, and most widely worshipped deities in all of Erion. Friend to all things that grow; animal or plant, Aelyn has always acted from the beginning to preserve life that might otherwise be lost, curbing the appetite of the greedy, or aiding the weak to become stronger. Appearing as a white cat, with forest green wings and eyes that glow with summer sunlight, Aelyn is friend to farmers, woodcutters, and all those that live by nature's bounty. Aelyn's followers act not only to aid new life to grow, but also to preserve that which is. Indeed many a greedy farmer, carelessly cutting forest trees, or an angry dryad, seeking to choke a farmer's fields with uncontrolled growth, has felt the heavy paw of Aelyn's displeasure.

  • Clergy: 1 Cardinal, 2 Abbots and Abbesses, 2 Elders, 6 Apostles, 5 Deacons, 17 Brothers and Sisters, 18 Acolytes, 28 Followers

  • Symbol: A cat's paw cradling a lotus flower.

  • Mission: Magic treats and mischievous beasts.

  • Given by: Lark in Artemisia Temple (Runto Divinity Pond, enter a cat's eye portal).

  • Pilgrimage givers: High Priestess Arduinna and Lark in Artemisia Temple.

  • Aelyn's Divine Spells:

  • Rank 1, Followers: consecrate
    Rank 2, Acolytes: nine lives
    Rank 3, Brothers and Sisters: pious gardener
    Rank 4, Deacons: catnap
    Rank 5, Apostles: enchant sigil
    Rank 6, Elders: feline speed
    Rank 7, Abbots and Abbesses: world strand weaving
    Rank 8, Bishops: faithful clowder
    Rank 9, Cardinals: guiding paw
    Rank 10, High Priests and High Priestesses: fervor of aelyn