Kextra, Goddess of Crafting and Creation

  • Kextra, mother of the dwarven race, is friend to all those who make or shape or craft. Her followers hold that taking the raw stuff of the world, wood or stone, cloth or bone and making it into something new is itself a sacred duty, a way that ordinary mortals through hard work and dedication can themselves understand creation and become a little more divine. Yet, thieves, vandals and despoilers, all of those who seek to destroy rather than create should fear the wrath of Kextra, since a smith's hammer can beat other things than metal. Though primarily worshipped by her dwarven children (especially smiths), Kextra's faith accepts anyone with a strong arm, quick fingers, and a willingness to learn.

  • Clergy: 1 High Priest and High Priestess, 2 Abbots and Abbesses, 2 Elders, 3 Apostles, 1 Deacon, 10 Brothers and Sisters, 9 Acolytes, 28 Followers

  • Symbol: A dwarven hammer and pickaxe, framing a bush of mountain laurel.

  • Mission: The will to create.

  • Given by: High Priestess Beryl in Crafters Forge (Runto Divinity Pond, enter a crystal portal).

  • Pilgrimage givers: High Priestess Glorle in Kextra's Legendary Land of Myth, High Priestess Beryl in Crafters Forge.

  • Kextra's Divine Spells:

  • Rank 1, Followers: consecrate
    Rank 2, Acolytes: enchant container
    Rank 3, Brothers and Sisters: blessed forge
    Rank 4, Deacons: land whisperer
    Rank 5, Apostles: advanced polishing
    Rank 6, Elders: steadfast swing
    Rank 7, Abbots and Abbesses: adept axe
    Rank 8, Bishops: blessing of kextra
    Rank 10, High Priests and High Priestesses: bedazzled