Lucius, God of Adventures, Knowledge, and Survival

  • Lucius was the first true adventurer, and likely one of the first humans in Erion. Responsible for mapping the land, meeting and befriending; or in some cases, battling the races of the new world he encountered. He is now credited both with the founding of the frozen city that once was Hillock Hills, and the profession of adventurer. None know exactly when the celestial forces asked him to ascend to godhood, though since then he has been an incredibly active deity, usually in the form of blessings bestowed on those who follow in the adventurer's trade. Depicted still as he appeared in life, a dark‑haired human, backpack upon his back and walking staff in his hand, Lucius's acolytes seek to explore the world, gather knowledge, battle evil, and help those in need.

  • Clergy: 1 Bishop, 2 Elders, 1 Apostle, 5 Deacons, 6 Brothers and Sisters, 8 Acolytes, 10 Followers

  • Symbol: A sword and staff crossed over an open book.

  • Mission: Trials of the adventurer.

  • Given by: A Priestess of Lucius in House of Lucius (Runto Divinity Pond, enter a leafy portal).

  • Pilgrimage givers: The cartographer and A Priestess of Lucius in House of Lucius.

  • Lucius's Divine Spells:

  • Rank 1, Followers: consecrate
    Rank 2, Acolytes: third eye
    Rank 3, Brothers and Sisters: favored forager
    Rank 4, Deacons: reluctant combatant
    Rank 5, Apostles: devoted fisherman
    Rank 6, Elders: seed salvager
    Rank 7, Abbots and Abbesses: soften death
    Rank 8, Bishops: gift of lucius
    Rank 9, Cardinals: spirit of the coyote