Tornadis, Goddess of Weather, Balance, the Cycle of the Seasons, Motherhood, Harvest, Storm

  • Tornadis, called lady of the turning seasons by her followers, is one of the most mysterious beings in all of Erion. Having four distinct natures corresponding to summer, spring, autumn and winter, she oversees the worlds weather from her seat atop Mount Fulcrum. At times as playful as a spring breeze, or kind as summer sun, she can also be capricious and cruel, lashing the world with lightning, or regarding events with the cool wisdom of eternal snow. Though those who follow her praise her gifts, the bounty of her harvests or the beauty of new growth, it is a central principle of the church of Tornadis that all things are held in balance, and that the wheel of the seasons turns eternally, for as there is a time for all things to grow, so there is a time for all things to die, so that new growth can begin again.

  • Clergy: 1 Apostle, 2 Brothers and Sisters, 1 Acolyte, 4 Followers

  • Symbol: A four spoked wheel with a sun, cloud, wave and flower in each quarter.

  • Mission: Seasons greetings.

  • Given by: High Wardeness in Mount Fulcrum (Runto Divinity Pond, enter a wheel‑shaped portal).

  • Pilgrimage giver: High Wardeness in Mount Fulcrum.

  • Tornadis's Divine Spells:

  • Rank 1, Followers: consecrate
    Rank 2, Acolytes: sense weather
    Rank 3, Brothers and Sisters: weathervane
    Rank 6, Elders: weather ball