BoneCollectors have taken a special interest in the bones left behind by
the dead. Their studies of bone have given them the ability to control bone
from a distance, turning the bones of the dead into weapons or making the
living lose control of theirs. The BoneCollector can even harden the bones
of his allies, making them that much harder to harm.


Level 1: bone shiver
Syntax: cast 'bone shiver'

Calling to the bones of their victims, BoneCollectors cause them to spasm
and shake, inflicting harm and possibly stunning the victim. The higher
this spell has been learned, the higher the stun chance is.

Main stat: Constitution.
Damage: Harm.

Level 3: bone shard
Syntax: cast 'bone shard'

BoneCollectors blast the room with shards of bone, shredding everything in
their path and possibly embedding these shards into the skin of anyone
affected, causing bleeding damage for a short period of time. The amount of
bleeding damage and the chance for this to happen is based on the spell

Main stat: Constitution.
Damage: Pierce.

Level 5: bone graft
Syntax: cast 'bone graft' < or pet name>

BoneCollectors graft shards of bone into a pet's flesh, increasing the pet's
health and damroll. The higher the learned proficiency is, the higher the
health and damroll bonuses are from this spell.

Level 7: bone harden
Syntax: cast 'bone harden' ()

With this spell, BoneCollectors can harden one's bone density and hardness,
increasing hitpoints and resistance to stun. The more proficient one is in
this spell, the higher the hitpoints and resistance will be.

Level 10: life siphon
Syntax: cast 'life siphon' < or pet name>

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Due to their indepth study of the undead body, BoneCollectors are able to
create siphon‑like connection to their pets through which the life of the
pets flows to them and replenishes their health. If the pet is wounded and
doesn't have sufficient health, it won't survive the siphoning. All items
the pet is holding will return to the BoneCollector. The amount healed is
based on the BoneCollector's constitution.

Main stat: Constitution.