The Defender is a defensive‑styled Monk whose main priority is to protect
its group members and survive the most formidable enemies and perilous
situations. Defenders are often the most sought out to assist in completing
a dangerous mission.



Level 1: rescue
Syntax: rescue
rescue all (Defender option only)

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and when in combat, a warrior with the
rescue skill is just the friend you need. Rescue allows you to intercede in
combat, protecting weaker characters (in your group) from bodily harm. Once
the character is rescued, their target will put its focus on you and attack
you instead. Success in rescuing depends on the skill proficiency. You can
rescue a friend but not a monster. Some monsters won't allow you to rescue
your friends. Monsters cannot rescue players, but they can tank for them.

Level 3: hyperbody
Syntax: hyperbody

This skill allows a warrior to temporarily raise the hitpoints of himself
and all of his pets and group members. The amount of hitpoints added is
based on the target's level and hitpoints. Mobiles are given a +10%
increase to their hitpoint pool.

Level 5: shield rush
Syntax: srush

While wearing a shield, fighters can rush into their target, possibly
stunning them. The damage dealt is twice as high as bash and the chance to
stun is 10% higher. The chance to stun is influenced by the same factors as
the bash skill (see help bash).

Main stat: Strength.
Influenced by: Dexterity, Luck.

Level 7: shield block
Syntax: automatic

Shield block is a legendary warrior skill that has a chance to partially or
fully block an incoming attack when the warrior is wearing a shield.

At 100% learned, the chance to block an attack fully or partially is 10%

Turning on 'battlespam dodge' will turn off messages from when you shield
block or your opponent shield blocks.

Level 10: steel skin
Syntax: cast 'steel skin'

Cooldown: 2 minutes

The steel skin spell is a step up from the stone skin spell in that it
avoids attacks. It can avoid up to 10 attacks once the spell has been fully
mastered, before the effect wears off. Mobs that are affected by steel skin
can take up to a maximum of 45 hits depending on their level. Combat
initiators like backstab have a chance to pierce through steel skin if the
weapon wielded is sharp. The chance to land a hit is affected by dexterity
and luck, where dexterity is favored over luck, with a max chance up to 35%.