Necromancers bent on doing more damage may find the teachings of the
Diabolist calling them. Their research has led them to master new methods
of inflicting pain on others and not even their allies are safe if it can
help the Diabolist. Diabolists are skilled at the use of fire and disease
on others, as well as manipulating the life force of their pets ‑ even
stealing the life from their pets when it suits them.


Level 1: pentacle
Syntax: cast pentacle

With this spell, Diabolists create a pentacle on the ground that prevents
all monsters who have entered it from leaving. Once rooted inside it, the
pentacle will weaken the monster for a short period of time before the
wicked magical energy has been expended and the pentacle disappears. The
amount of damage dealt by the pentacle is based on the Diabolist's level and
the learned proficiency of the spell. Monsters will automatically attack
the Diabolist who created the pentacle.

Level 3: boil blood
Syntax: cast 'boil blood'

This Diabolist spell causes a victim's blood to slowly increase in
temperature until it hits boiling point. The damage starts at 5 and
increases by another 5 every 3 seconds if the victim is an NPC, the damage
maxing out at 500 damage. PC victims will experience 5 damage increased by
1 every 3 seconds, the damage maxing out at 100. The higher this spell has
been learned, the longer the boiling effect will last. Damage over time
been learned, the longer the boiling effect will last.

Level 5: killsurge
Syntax: automatic

With this ability, the Diabolist fuels all summoned familiars with malice
and the desire to inflict suffering upon others, increasing the familiar's
hitpoints, damroll, and resistance to damage. This skill will automatically
have a chance to increase when the familiar is in battle in the same room as
the Diabolist. The higher this skill has been learned, the stronger the
spell will be. When the skill proficiency increases, the effects on the
familiar will also be increased automatically. If you switch subclasses,
the killsurge effect will be stripped from the familiar. Once you switch
back, the effect will be automatically re‑added to your familiar.

Level 7: sacrifice
Syntax: cast 'sacrifice' <#.pet or pet name>

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Diabolists can sacrifice a familiar to restore their own hitpoints and mana.
Any equipment the familiar is wearing is returned to the caster. The
familiar must have at least 50% health to be sacrificed.

Level 10: wretched boils
Syntax: cast 'wretched boils'

Diabolists can summon a diseased pus which rains down from the sky,
infecting those in the room and those in up to 2 rooms away with a
fast‑working, nasty disease. There is a chance that monsters in surrounding
rooms will come looking for the Diabolist and take their revenge, but the
higher this spell is mastered, the lower that chance is.

When this spell affects a monster, the amount of damage it will do is the
same as a constitution‑based attack spell. Each time the monster is
wounded, the damage will be reduced by 25% until it reaches 0 and the
disease becomes dormant. When it affects another (pk) player, the effect
lasts for 30 seconds and inflicts much less damage.

Main stat: Constitution.