DreamWitches focus on effecting the unconscious, especially influencing
the sleeping mind. They can give night terrors to their enemies, and
improve the quality of sleep for their friends. They are also skilled in
forcing their foes to fall asleep against their will.


Level 1: symbol of sleep
Syntax: cast 'symbol of sleep'

With this spell, a DreamWitch draws a symbol of the moon which will hover in
the air and multiply, floating off into surrounding rooms. Mobiles standing
beneath this powerful symbol will be sedated and fall right to sleep, if
they are not resistant to the sleep spell. If the mob wakes up after being
put to sleep and the symbol is still hovering in the air, there is a chance
they will become sedated once again. However, the more often a mobile is
put to sleep by magical means, the more resistant to these effects they
become. The duration of the symbol increases as the mastery in this spell

Level 3: night terrors
Syntax: cast 'night terrors'

This spell permeates a sleeping victim's mind and fills it with terrifying,
dread‑filled images that cause the victim to sweat and panic in their sleep,
the stress of the mental invasion reducing their hitpoints markedly.

The effects of these night terrors last long into consciousness, making it
impossible for the target to regenerate hitpoints without the use of an aid
such as a potion or spell.

The amount of hitpoints reduced depends on the difficulty of the monster.
Boss monsters and legendary mobs lose 25% of their overall hitpoints,
whereas normal monsters lose 50%, and players lose 20%.

There is a chance that this spell will fail if the caster is not skilled
enough, and the victim will wake up and attack. Once fully mastered,
monsters will remain asleep, unless they are much more powerful than the
caster, in which case there is a chance they will retaliate.

This spell only works on targets who are affected by the sleep effect. If
the target was knocked out via other means, they will be unaffected.

Level 5: moonbeam
Syntax: cast moonbeam

This DreamWitch spell draws power on the moon, concentrating it upon the
caster to increase their hitpoints and mana.

Level 7: poppydust
Syntax: poppydust

By taking a handful of crushed, poisonous poppies and throwing them at an
enemy, the DreamWitch can both poison and overwhelm their victim, causing
them to feel dazed. Once the skill has been mastered, the potency of the
poppies will become so strong that the enemy may also become stunned.
Resistances to daze and stun will decrease the efficacy of the crushed
poppies. The lag on this skill is 2 rounds of battle.

Damage type: Poison.

Main stat: Intelligence.

Level 10: dreamcatcher
Syntax: automatic

This skill fully restores a Witch's hitpoints and cures all ailments while
asleep for at least 10 seconds. Group members who are in the same room as
the Witch may also sleep and wake well‑rested and energized, so long as the
Witch is not in combat and has the capacities to improve the player's
quality of sleep. This spell also boosts one's damroll and magicroll upon
waking from the peaceful state of sleep.