Combining magic with nature, Elementalists draw immense power from their
knowledge of the world around. Their deepened understanding allows them to
imbue weapons with greater magical damage, call upon lightning storms in the
midst of a fight, use elemental harm to their advantage, and summon a
fearsome ally to their side in warfare.


Level 1: elemental shield
Syntax: cast 'elemental shield'

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Elementalists can summon a powerful shield that protects them against water,
air, acid, lightning, fire, and cold elements only while in combat. After
being repeatedly attacked, the shield will shatter.

At 50% learned, this shield gives 90% resistance to elemental attacks. The
shield will shatter after 3 elemental attacks.

At 75% learned, it grants immunity to the elementals for 5 attacks before
the shield shatters.

At 90% learned, it grants immunity and also heals the Elementalist for the
first 7 hits before shattering.

Once fully mastered, the shield will grant immunity and heal up to 25
hitpoints per elemental attack. After 10 attacks, the shield will break.

The heal amount is spell percent ‑ 75. The higher the proficiency, the more
healing. This spell can only be cast on oneself. If the amount healed is
0, there will be no absorption message.

Level 3: chain lightning
Syntax: cast 'chain lightning'

Chain lightning is a deadly spell, producing a powerful bolt of lightning
that arcs from target to target in the room, until its force is fully
expended. It will hit each target at least once and up to three times based
on the caster's level. This is calculated with caster level/50, so at level
100 it will hit 2 times and at hero it will hit 3 times. If a target is hit
3 times, there is a 25% chance that the caster will also be struck by
lightning. If the caster is in a PK house and there are members of other PK
houses in the room, the lightning will strike them as well, and so this
spell should be used with caution. Second and third attack do not work with
this spell.

Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 5: elemental erosion
Syntax: cast 'elemental erosion'

This spell makes the victim vulnerable to elemental damage (fire, cold,
lightning, acid, water, air).

Level 7: greater elemental
Syntax: cast 'greater elemental'

Elementalists can summon an elemental which has the ability to breathe acid,
fire, frost, gas, lightning, and wind.

Abilities: bash, disarm, dirtkicking.

Immune to: all elemental attacks and the slow effect.

Affected by: elemental aura, fly, hyperbody.

Level 10: imbue
Syntax: cast imbue

Elementalists can imbue their weapon with frost, shocking, or flaming power
(weapon flags).