The Gladiator is used to fighting to the death in close quarters for the
entertainment of others. Make no mistake, the Gladiator knows the stakes,
and will use any means necessary to stay alive. And while the goal of the
Gladiator is to stay alive, he will gladly take payment from those who enjoy
the show.


Level 1: fame
Syntax: fame

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Before Gladiators enter battle, imagining themselves winning a fight in the
arena can increase their chances of defeating their opponent and increase
their level of fame, allowing them to earn more gold and questpoints. This
skill temporarily increases damroll and grants a questpoint and gold
multiplier bonus.

Level 3: eyejab
Syntax: eyejab

This Gladiator skill is used to temporarily blind a target. It also
decreases the target's damroll by ‑10 at 50% learned and ‑20 once it has
been mastered. It is possible for those with the dodge skill to evade this
attack. Like dirtkick, this skill's form of blindness is physical, not
magical. There is no lag upon use if the skill is successful.

Level 5: shove
Syntax: shove

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Gladiators can push away their enemy with force, increasing the gap between
them, resulting in their victims dealing lower damage and having a higher
chance to miss. The more skilled a Gladiator is in shove, the higher the
chance will be that their target misses them in combat.

Level 7: strangle
Syntax: strangle

Gladiators wrap their hands around the throats of their victims, crushing
their windpipe. This ability blocks the victim from speaking and casting
spells for a short period of time (players 6 seconds, npcs 12 seconds).

Level 10: knockout
Syntax: knockout

During their many battles in the arena, Gladiators learned the ability to
knock out their enemy cold with brute force by striking them in the temple.