The Mirage can make others see images that are so real, they can
physically interact with the world. Foes facing a Mirage in combat might
instead find themselves facing 10 Mirages or some nightmarish creature.
Even worse for the foe, they may find that their own attacks are inflicting
damage on themselves.


Level 1: advanced mirroring
Syntax: automatic

This skill allows a Mirage who has fully mastered mirror imaging to create
further copies of himself. Once this skill has been mastered, a total of 5
extra copies will be created.

Level 3: wink
Syntax: cast wink

Using this spell, a Mirage can wink out of existence, heal in another
dimension, and reappear refreshed.

Main stat: Luck.

Level 5: mirage aura
Syntax: cast 'mirage aura'

This self‑cast protective Mirage spell reflects a portion of the damage back
at the target, reducing the damage taken at the same time. The higher this
spell has been mastered, the more damage it will reflect. At 100% learned,
reflect 20% of the damage back to the attacker and take 5% less damage.

Level 7: mirage
Syntax: cast mirage

Using this deceptive spell, Mirages can trick their enemies into thinking
they are in a brutal desert and are dying of thirst. Up to 10 mobiles in a
radius of 5 rooms in each direction can be affected by the spell.

Experience is rewarded if a monster dies to thirst, even if the Mirage is in
the same area but not in the same room.

The more proficient the Mirage is at tricking others with this illusion, the
longer the duration of the desert effect will last. The amount of damage
dealt is based on the mastery of the spell and one's luck.

Targets resistant to mental damage are harder to trick into thinking they
are thirsty. Those immune to mental damage cannot be tricked. This spell
will not be cast upon victims who would not reward the caster with
experience. Mobiles will adjust to hardcore mode when they become affected
by this spell.

Damage type: Mental.

Main stat: Luck.

Level 10: change
Syntax: cast change

Mirages are able to temporarily change their physical appearance to look
like a hydra, unicorn, chimera, or basilisk.

Hydra compliments melee‑oriented classes, boosting their skill damage by
20%. The drawback is that it increases damage taken by spells by 10%.

Unicorn compliments spellcaster classes, boosting spell damage by 20% while
increasing damage taken from skills by 10%.

Chimera is a mixture of both hydra and unicorn, increasing both skill and
spell damage by 10% and taking 5% more skill and spell damage. Change must
be mastered to at least 75% to transform into a chimera.

Changing into a basilisk grants the Mirage an extra melee attack. This
spell must be fully mastered in order to transform into a basilisk.