Occultists specialize in the study of magic and how to dispel it, or on
the opposite end of the spectrum, how to strengthen it.


Level 1: spirit drain
Syntax: automatic

When an Occultist is hit by an enemy, there's a chance they will tap into
the attacker's spirit to siphon some mana to restore their own. An
Occultist who has mastered this skill is always able to steal some magical
energy with every melee hit taken.

To reduce spam from this skill, toggle on 'battlespam manadrain'.

Level 3: master meditation
Syntax: automatic

This skill is similar to fast healing, but relies on the concentration and
mantras to increase mana recovery when the character is sleeping or resting.

With the meditation skill, mana is recovered once every 60 seconds. The
advanced meditation skill speeds up the process by 15 seconds, thus
recovering mana once every 45 seconds. The master meditation skill quickens
healing by another 15 seconds, recovering mana once every 30 seconds. The
meditation skill must be mastered in order to practice advanced meditation,
and advanced meditation must in turn also be fully mastered in order to
begin studying master meditation. Advanced meditation boosts the base mana
regeneration by 2%, and master meditation boosts it by an additional 1%,
totaling 3%.

These skills will only improve while mana is being recovered, not while your
mana pool is full. All skills must be at least 50% learned to kick in.
Advanced Meditation will begin to improve once Meditation is 100% learned,
and Master Meditation will begin to improve once Advanced Meditation is 100%

Level 5: dispel magic greater
Syntax: cast 'dispel magic greater'

This Occultist spell is a stronger version of dispel magic and is cast upon
all attackable mobiles in the room. Until the spell has been mastered,
there is a chance that the mobiles will attack the caster.

Level 7: fortify magic
Syntax: cast 'fortify magic' ()

This powerful and protective Occultist spell, when cast upon a target,
greatly strengthens the magic affecting the target, making it impossible to
strip away buffs (but also adverse effects) via the dispel magic spell.
It also adds a magicroll bonus to the target, the strength of which is based
on the mastery of this spell, to increase the force of attack spells.

Level 10: fortify mind
Syntax: cast 'fortify mind' ()

This Occultist spell strengthens one's mind, giving resistance to mental
assaults (the strength of the resistance based on the mastery of this
spell). Once fully mastered, this spell also grants the ability to shake
off mental invasions that attempt to force one to remove all protective