Becoming a Priest means adhering fully to their divine calling. Priests
are able to reveal information about their targets that no one else is
capable of. Aided by a divine power, they have been granted an increased
healing spell for themselves and their group. More wizened priests have
been known to increase their own mana capacity, making themselves a very
desirable ally in any given setting.


Level 1: divine revelation
Syntax: cast 'divine revelation' ('glean')

Through their devotion, Priests are able to call upon the gods who divulge
secrets about mortals nearby, allowing the Priest to glean enough
information about a target to more easily defeat them.

With the 'glean' argument upon casting, resistances, vulnerabilities, and
immunities will be revealed, and at 75% mastery, the hitpoints will also be

When cast on an NPC without the 'glean' argument, the gods will whisper
secrets into the Priest's ear, allowing the Priest in turn to learn how best
to defeat their target. A debuff of vulnerability to damage will be applied
to the target, and the higher the mastery of the spell, the greater the
vulnerability. Mobs don't particularly like being weakened, however, and
may retaliate.

Level 3: holy light
Syntax: cast 'holy light'

Priests use their connection with the gods to bathe a light source in
holiness to strengthen its power. Blessed by the gods, the light will never

This spell will increase strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity,
constitution, luck, hitpoints, and mana on a light that has these stats on
it. The more experienced the priest, the higher the stats will be. At 100%
learned, stats will be increased by 5 while hitpoints and mana will be
increased by 50.

Extracting runes or gems from a light will strip the holy light effect.

Level 5: circle of spirituality
Syntax: cast 'circle of spirituality'

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Using their spiritual connection to the gods, Priests can create a circle of
restoration, renewing a portion of their mana and those in the party as
well. When this spell is mastered, it will restore half of the mana. Heal
spell multipliers apply. Experience is rewarded for restoring a party
member's mana. If no one's mana is renewed, there is no cooldown upon

Level 7: holy ward
Syntax: cast 'holy ward'

Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Priests can protect a room with a holy ward, blocking unwanted monsters from

Level 10: divine hymn
Syntax: cast 'divine hymn'

Priests recite a divine hymn in honor of the gods, filling themselves and
anyone in their party with religious zeal and increasing their mana.

Main stat: Wisdom.