A Sage is one who is able to quickly turn life experience into ability.
They are able to size up a foe and quickly determine what its weaknesses
are. Similarly, they can cast magic to increase another's proficiency, no
matter where the other's skills lie. It is rumored that Sages have a
special place in their hearts for rune magic.


Level 1: enlightenment
Syntax: cast enlightenment ()

By absorbing the wisdom of the universe, a Sage can increase his or others'
primary stat. If the target has two classes, both primary stats will be
increased by a smaller amount.

Level 3: sense weakness
Syntax: cast 'sense weakness'

This spell will reveal the weaknesses and strengths of a monster. This
spell must be at least 50% learned to be useful. At 50% or greater, the
resistances of the monster are revealed, at 75% or greater, the
vulnerabilities, and at 100% the immunities.

Level 5: sage aura
Syntax: cast 'sage aura'

Through a deep understanding of the world's elements, the Sage can create a
protective aura, granting temporary immunity to an element of choice.

Level 7: elemental enchantment
Syntax: cast 'elemental enchantment'

The elemental enchantment spell when cast upon a weapon that is already
infused with elements will increase the power of the weapon. The higher the
proficiency of this spell, the more it will boost the weapon's damage. The
enchantment is temporary but the duration will increase as the caster's
proficiency in this spell rises.

Level 10: enchant rune
Syntax: cast 'enchant rune'

This spell magically enhances the stats (strength, intelligence, wisdom,
dexterity, constitution, luck, hitpoints, and mana) on a rune by +1. Once
this spell has been mastered, it will enhance the stat by +2.

The proficiency of this spell increases with each successful cast.