The Scout is the master of seeing without being seen. They are skilled
hunters who have an uncanny ability to read others and how aggressive they
might be towards strangers. Having spent years out in the open, watching
and tracking others, Scouts developed the ability to quickly find, and
remember, their way around open locations.


Level 1: heighten
Syntax: heighten

This skill can be used to heighten your senses, enabling you to sense
aggressive monsters in surrounding rooms. The number of aggressive monsters
will appear in parenthesis to the left of the exit name on look. It is
impossible to sense aggressive beings through closed doors.

Level 3: hawkeye
Syntax: hawkeye

With this skill, Scouts focus their energy on their sight, sharpening it
to allow themselves to see further into the distance and even through closed

Hawkeye gives +1 room scan radius and can scan through closed doors as long
as the door isn't flagged as pickproof.

Level 7: cartography
Syntax: compass

The cartography skill increases the max number of points of interest that
can be added to one's compass by 5 rooms once fully mastered. This skill
has a chance to improve while exploring.

If you lose this skill by restarting or changing your class, it will
automatically remove any extra points of interest.

Level 10: erase tracks
Syntax: automatic

This skill allows Scouts to erase their tracks, disabling mobs from hunting
them down when the Scout flees. It also protects them from being followed
after casting spells such as voodoo, wretched boils, gale of poison, among
others. Until this skill has been mastered, there is still a chance that
the mob can track the Scout down and take revenge.