Shamans are mystical healers in touch with the natural realm. With
unmatched power to mend the wounds of both familiars and players alike,
shamans are deeply entrusted at the very front lines of a battle. Their
demonstrated mystical prowess also allows them to halt the movement of their
targets and identify key weaknesses within their enemies. When the time
comes, Shamans can call upon a great magic to temporarily boost their health
at the cost of their magic.


Level 1: sense weakness
Syntax: cast 'sense weakness'

This spell will reveal the weaknesses and strengths of a monster. This
spell must be at least 50% learned to be useful. At 50% or greater, the
resistances of the monster are revealed, at 75% or greater, the
vulnerabilities, and at 100% the immunities.

Level 3: trance
Syntax: trance

By turning one's focus inward and deepening the breath, a Shaman is able to
drift into a hypnotic trance, boosting both magicroll and mana.

Level 5: spiritual balance
Syntax: cast 'spiritual balance'

As the Shaman balances his spiritual power, magical energy flows through
him, increasing his pool of mana and all of those in his party.

Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 7: spirit animal
Syntax: cast 'spirit animal'
cast 'spirit animal' cancel

With this spell, a Shaman may call upon a spirit animal to guide and lend
their powers to him or her for a time. At 100% learned, a second spirit
animal can be traced on the Shaman's body.

Skill Animal Effect
‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑ ‑‑‑‑‑‑
50% Sheep Hitpoints, Hp Regeneration
60% Cat Increased Avoidance
75% Fox Intelligence, Mana
90% Owl Wisdom, Mana Regeneration, and Experience
100% Horse Magicroll

Level 10: mystic surge
Syntax: cast 'mystic surge'

This Shaman spell sends a surge of mystical warmth flowing through one's
body, healing you at regular intervals starting at 5 minutes once 50%
learned. At 100% learned, the effect will last for 10 minutes.

The amount healed is based on your wisdom and any healing spell multipliers
that apply to your character.

This spell cannot be cast on pets.

Main stat: Wisdom.