Try as you might to hide, the Spy will find you and will unconver things
about you that you didn't want known. You have a favorite combat technique?
The Spy knows. He might even be willing to prove it to you. Don't worry,
the Spy is willing to share knowledge, especially when it benefits himself.


Level 1: spy
Syntax: spy

Spies are adept in furtively observing others around them, allowing them to
glean information such as the amount of mana, hitpoints, and gold someone
has on hand.

If this skill is not mastered, there is a chance it will fail and the target
will notice the spy's attempt to secretively discover information about
them. Once the skill has been fully mastered, the spy can view the
hitpoints of the target and can do so without being caught.

There is no lag upon using this skill, unless it fails.

Level 3: spyglass
Syntax: spyglass room

This skill allows a Spy to use a spyglass to peer into rooms around himself.
The spyglass can reach around corners up to 10 rooms away once this skill
has been mastered. Using a spyglass to peer at a monster or player is like
using the look command on the target. If there are rooms in the spyglass's
path that the Spy could not enter, such as a room behind a hidden exit, a
closed door, or a player home, the image in the spyglass will appear blurry.

Examples of use: spyglass fido e2su, spyglass room n.

Level 5: motion sensor
Syntax: install sensor
install list

By activating motion sensors sensitive enough to detect even the slightest
disturbance of air, Spies can keep tabs on others from anywhere in the
world. If another spy enters the room and is more proficient in the skill,
they will not set it off. At 100% proficiency, the spy can set up to 10
motion sensors.

Using 'install list' will list all currently active sensors. Using 'install
sensor' will activate one in the room you are in or deactivate one if there
is already one installed.

Level 7: provoke
Syntax: provoke

Spies can provoke a monster into attacking a certain target by whispering
nasty lies into its ear and gesturing at the target to be attacked.

If the skill has been mastered, there is only a low chance that it can fail.
If it does fail, the monster will not attack, the Spy will simply be lagged
temporarily. If the provocation fails, the monster will attack either the
Spy or one of the spy's pets. PK players can provoke monsters into
attacking other PK players. It is not possible to provoke a monster who is
already in combat.

Level 10: copycat
Syntax: copycat
copycat list

Cooldown: 90 minutes

With this skill, a Spy can permanently copy one skill or spell from
another player.

Using 'copycat list ' will display all skills and spells that can be
copied from a particular player.

Typing 'copycat' by itself will list the skill or spell that is currently
copied, its level, proficiency, and cooldown.

The Spy can then use the skill or spell with the same proficiency level as
the player who they copied it from. The skill or spell must be mastered to
at least 50% in order to be copied and the copycat skill itself must also be
mastered to at least 50% to be used.

The following skills cannot be copied: beast mastery, undead mastery, tame,
nature's friend, house skills, legend skills, subskills, and any skills
higher level than the player.