A Telekinetic uses their mind powers to move objects in the world, even
down to nearly atomic levels. Telekinetics can translate their abilities
into unseen weapons, remove their foes equipment, and even repair their
equipment without tools.


Level 1: lobotomy
Syntax: cast 'lobotomy'

This powerful preemptive strike compresses mental energy and delivers a
dagger‑like attack into the enemy's brain. There is a high chance to daze
the target, and the amount of damage dealt is equal to 3 normal spell

Damage type: Mental.
Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 3: mental submission
Syntax: cast 'mental submission'

By forcing the target to mentally submit, Telekinetics can make them remove
all of their equipment.

If this spell fails to remove all of the target's equipment, the target will
attack the caster and cause a small amount of lag. This spell works 100% of
the time when it has been mastered and there is no lag upon casting. Items
which are flagged as noremove will not be removed.

Level 5: atom rearrangement
Syntax: cast 'atom rearrangement'

By rearranging the atoms of a weapon, Telekinetics can boost the damage
output of a weapon. Once it's mastered the effect will be permanent and at
its strongest.

Level 7: move
Syntax: cast move
cast move

Powerful Telekinetics have the ability to pick up a target with their mind
and move them to a new location, making this spell a powerful tool against
assisting mobs.

At 50% learned, it's possible to move a mob to a room where there are no
more than 5 other mobs. This maximum increases to 10 mobs once the skill
has been mastered. If the Telekinetic is moving another player, there is no
maximum (both must be members of a PK house for this to be possible).

This spell will fail if the (npc) target is more than 15 levels above the
caster. It's not possible to move npcs outside of their current area.

It is against the rules to use this spell to grief another player by
purposefully moving an aggressive monster into the player's path.

Level 10: mind hand
Syntax: cast 'mind hand' (to wear weapon)

Skilled Telekinetics are able to wield a third weapon with the power of
their mind alone. This third weapon grants another round of melee in
combat. Because it takes great concentration, mana is expended regularly
when the weapon is in use. The amount of mana expended decreases as the
spell proficiency increases. If the Telekinetic runs out of mana, the
weapon will automatically be placed back into the inventory. To improve
this ability, the Telekinetic must be wielding the third weapon in combat.
The weapon's damage is reduced until the ability has been mastered.