The Venomist fights dirty, very dirty. The Venomist is skilled in what
ails you, especially poisons. Be very wary of the Venomist, because he
doesn't have to be near you to deliver his toxic brews, and he laughs at
those who think they are immune to his particular talents.


Level 1: blood poison
Syntax: cast 'blood poison'

This cruel spell fills the veins of a victim with a deadly poison. Because
the poison goes directly into the blood stream, it's fast‑working. The cure
poison spell works to rid the blood of the toxin.

Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 3: toxic scourge
Syntax: cast 'toxic scourge'

This Venomist spell inflicts poison damage on the victim. Casting insidious
malady beforehand will cause the victim to become vulnerable to poisonous

Primary stat: Wisdom.
Damage: Poison.

Level 5: insidious malady
Syntax: cast 'insidious malady'

This spell reverses immunities and resistances to all kinds of poison.
Necromancers and those affected by holy shield (or in a party with someone
affected by holy shield) will shrug off this effect. The higher the spell
proficiency is, the higher the vulnerability will be.

Level 7: gale of poison
Syntax: cast 'gale of poison'

Casting this spell will create a noxious gust of wind that sweeps through
the room and all surrounding rooms, infecting all who inhale it. The poison
works its way slower through the body than it would if the poison were
injected directly into the blood stream as by the blood poison spell, but it
wreaks just as much havoc on the victim.

There is a chance that the victims will chase after the caster and take
revenge. The higher this spell has been mastered, the lower that chance
will be.

The cure poison spell can rid the body of the toxin.

Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 10: fortify health
Syntax: cast 'fortify health' ()

This spell strengthen's the target's health, increasing their pool of
hitpoints. The amount of hitpoints is based on the target's level.