The WhiteWitch specializes in healing, curative magics, and pain relief,
as well as thwarting the effects of death.


Level 1: tree of life
Syntax: cast 'tree of life'

The tree of life spell cuts mana costs in half, doubles heal rate, and has a
chance to block incoming attacks.

Players grouped with others who are effected by the tree of life will, if in
the same room, also benefit from doubled heal rates and the dodge affect.

The chance for the tree to protect those affected by it increases with the
skill mastery and wisdom.

Level 3: heal
Syntax: cast heal

This will heal the wounded. The higher the wisdom of the caster, the higher
the healing. The level of the target is taken into consideration, so a high
level player will be healed more than a low level player. If the target is
in combat, the healed amount is reduced. The caster also receives a small
exp bonus of one 1 exp point per 2 healed hp points for healing others. The
exp bonus does not count if the caster is healing himself, if he has 'toggle
noexp' turned on, or if the person being healed is at 100%.

The percent number next to the amount healed is the percent hp the target
currently has.

Main stat: Wisdom.

Level 5: light ballast
Syntax: cast 'light ballast' ()

This WhiteWitch spell wraps a ballast of light around the target, steadying
them and making it harder to stun or daze them. The more skilled the caster
is in this ability, the higher the resistance to stun the ballast will
offer. Once fully mastered, the ballast of light is so strong that the
target is completely unphased by daze.

Level 7: miracle
Syntax: cast miracle ()

After assisting many fellow Witches and companions by relieving them of
their ailments and speeding up their recovery, experienced WhiteWitches
gained the ability to lift all adverse effects, including stun and daze,
at once. Creating such a miracle is quite taxing on a Witch, so this spell
has a high mana cost.

Level 10: death guard
Syntax: cast 'death guard'

Death guard is a self‑cast, protective spell. If in battle your health goes
down to or below 0, this buff will protect you from dying in that it
restores your health by 15%. There is no cooldown upon casting this spell.
However, if you die, the buff will be stripped and you will be given a
cooldown equal to your level. This spell protects you from dying against
both monsters and players.

PermaDeath players cannot use this spell.